Should I take the GMAT or the GRE?

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Taking the GMAT vs. the GRE

Always encourage students to take a free practice test in both exams to get a better idea:
GRE is predominantly for graduate schools and the GMAT is for business school, but this question arises as many business schools now accept the GRE.
Do all business schools accept the GRE?
Many business schools will accept either GMAT or GRE scores and ETS has released a tool that allows you to enter GRE scores and get back predicted GMAT scores:
This may help inform your decision about which exam to take, if you are given the option.
However, in our discussions with business school admissions officers, we’ve learned that the use of the GRE for Business School admissions is growing, but still makes up a very small percentage of students at most schools. According to our 2017 survey of business school admissions officers, which included responses from over 200 bschools across the United States, half said that just two in ten or fewer applicants took the GRE route, representing just a slight uptick from Kaplan’s past surveys. There’s still a lot of catching up for the GRE to do.
What are the key benefits of the GMAT vs the GRE?
The primary GRE benefit is flexibility. Some students are not sure if business school is the definite choice for them so investing in the GRE allows them to have the opportunity to apply for non-MBA graduate programs as well. The GMAT is still the gold standard of business school admissions with around 80% of applicants still using the GMAT. Also your competition is primarily b-school students while in the GRE you're going up against a wide array of major such as engineers and english majors. From a content perspective, the GRE does have more vocabulary-based questions while the GMAT uses grammar rules, but for both exams, you need strong math and verbal skills, and critical thinking skills.

The GMAT has made some changes to make it more appealing to students deciding between the GMAT and GRE. The GMAT is now the shorter of the two exams and also allows test takers to select the section order they prefer before the exam starts. While the order has shown to not affect scores, students still may prefer to use the first section as a “warm up” or place their strongest skill first to get comfortable quickly.

Is there perception that the quant section of the GRE is easier than the quant section of the GMAT?
Yes, because the GRE doesn’t include the vaunted Data Sufficiency question type like the GMAT does; however in both you should be more interested in how you perform compared to others worldwide. You’ll receive scaled scores, so the challenge to get a high score is similar regardless of the question difficulty.

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