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Kaplan is pleased to partner with Sallie Mae to offer students the option of financing select test prep programs. These loans are not need-based, are available for all programs that cost $999 or more, and generally cover 100% of the cost of the program, including shipping.

  • Available for In Person and Live Online courses, In Person and Live Online tutoring programs, Self Paced, and Summer Intensive programs that cost $999 or more
  • Not need based
  • Must be paid back in full, plus interest
  • Can cover 100% of the cost of the program (including shipping)
  • Student must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible U.S. permanent resident, course must take place within the continental United States
  • Student must be 18 or older to apply (College Prep students should have parent or guardian apply on their behalf).

Enrollment Procedure
Loan processing must be done on the Sallie Mae website - the application takes about 5 minutes to complete and a decision may be rendered as soon as 1 minute after the application is submitted. (See Application Walkthrough below.)
Approved loans may take up to 10 business days to process. We strongly recommend selecting a class with a start date 3 weeks or more away to allow time to receive books and online access.
If the class starts in 4 weeks or more:
A deposit of $299 (for Grad and PreCollege courses, fully refundable), $500 (for USMLE offline courses, fully refundable) or $1000 (for USMLE) is required to reserve your seat while the application is being processed. The deposit does not guarantee that you can begin studying.

Kaplan chooses the disbursement date for the earliest date possible when certifying the application. Sallie Mae has a 9 business day 'Consumer Right to Cancel' law that prevents us from choosing a disbursement date sooner than 9 business days away from the date we certify the application.

Applications cannot be certified unless the student is enrolled. The requested loan amount will be changed if it exceeds the amount of the tuition and shipping for the student's purchase(s) on file. Kaplan can only certify up to the amount of the tuition and shipping.

If the class starts sooner than 4 weeks from the date of application:
A deposit of $299 (for Grad and PreCollege courses, fully refundable), $500 (for USMLE offline courses, fully refundable) or $1000 (for USMLE Retreat and Deluxe courses, non-refundable) is required to reserve your seat while the application is being processed, and you must pay in full seven (7) calendar days before the class begins. It is recommended that you pay with a credit card and you will be reimbursed once the Sallie Mae Loan funds are received (provided you get the loan). If the loan does not come through and you need to cancel your enrollment, you will be refunded in full minus the shipping fee and $25 restocking fee for the course materials, provided you return the course materials and have not yet accessed any portion of your course.

Course materials will be shipped once payment is received in full.

Application Walkthrough
  1. Go to Select the "Career Training Smart Option Student Loan" option. Click Apply for this loan.
  2. Complete the Loan Needs questionnaire.
    • Degree type: Career training school
    • State: California
    • School: Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, Los Angeles, CA, 60241800
  3. Complete the rest of the application with your own information. The application will be signed/certified electronically.

  • If you have questions about an existing loan application, contact Sallie Mae Loans directly at 1-800-4-SALLIE.
  • When selecting your repayment option, please note that the Fixed Repayment Option gives you a standard repayment amount that remains fixed throughout the life of the loan. The Interest Repayment Option allows you to have a lower monthly payment for the first year (while studying), and the payment amount will increase after that time, when you are paying on both the principle and the interest.
  • Any funds received in excess of your tuition will be returned to Sallie Mae.

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