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What are the technical requirements for the Kaplan online resources?

MAC users sometimes report difficulty with the online program.  Try using Chrome or FireFox instead of Safari.
⁃ RAM: 512MB or higher
⁃ Browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox 47+, Safari 9+, Internet Explorer 11.0+
⁃ Broadband Connection with 5 Mbps or higher
⁃ DSL/Cable Modem required for optimal connection, wired connection preferred over wireless
⁃ Video Card: At least 64MB of video memory
⁃ Sound Card: At least 64-bit
⁃ Adobe Flash Player 20.0+ plug-in
⁃ Adobe Acrobat Reader 
⁃ Adobe Shockwave
⁃ Cookies and Javascript must be enabled
⁃ Disable Pop Up Blocker

⁃ Platform: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher with latest updates installed
⁃ Platform: Windows 7 or higher with latest updates installed

What is the recommended browser?

If using a PC, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox. The complete list of recommended browsers is listed in the technical requirements above.

I was kicked out of my test -- how do I get back in or restart it?

If you are kicked out of the test due to server error at any point, close the browser window, log back in, click "Resume" and you will automatically be placed back into the test at the point of exit.  DO NOT "Refresh", "Quit" or do anything except close the window before logging in again.

If "Resume" is not an option, you will need to let your proctor or faculty member know that your test needs to be reset.  An authorized faculty member will need to call Kaplan to have your exam reset.

Once logged in to an exam, do NOT use the backspace key, leave the test site before completing the test, refresh the page, or submit a test before completion by hitting the "Quit" button.

I am unable to watch the videos.

Please follow the below recommendations to help troubleshoot issues in accessing the videos:
⁃ Your computer should be hardwired to the internet, not running on a wireless connection.
⁃ Disable the pop-up blocker on your browser.  (How do I do that?)
⁃ Click here to update your Adobe Flash Player

I am having problems accessing the Case Studies.

Please be sure your pop-up blocker is turned off before starting your Mid-fidelity simulations.

The links in the site are not working.

If you are using Internet Explorer (version 10+), the links to tests, remediation, etc. may not work.  You can either switch to one of the recommended browsers (Chrome or Firefox) or attempt to fix the issue in Internet Explorer.

Depending on your program, you may not have access to all links.  If your school is signed up for the NCLEX Review class only, then you may not have access to the orange and blue boxes.  If you are not yet in your last term of school, then the NCLEX Prep box may not yet be activated.

I am unable to make a payment online.

If a balance does not appear on your "My Account" page, please call 1-877-572-8457 to make your payment by phone. Let the Kaplan representative know that you are an Integrated Testing student.

Can I use Kaplan's online resources on my smart phone or tablet?

While some functionality may work on a mobile device, Kaplan NIT resources are not recommended for use on a smart phone or tablet.

My remediation time is incorrect.

Remediating on a smartphone is not recommended as remediation time will not be accurately recorded. Also, when remediating, do not use the browser back button as your remediation time will be erased. Use the back button within the Kaplan Nursing site (usually found in the upper right hand side corner of the page). You may check time spent remediating by going to “Test Results” and “Review” for the specific exam you are remediating.  It will show recorded remediation times for each question of the exam.

I am still experiencing technical issues.

Please call 1-877-572-8457 or e-mail us at to report your issue(s) and get assistance from Kaplan’s Technical Support Team. You may also submit a request via this link.
  • For calling outside the United States and Canada, call 212-997-5883.

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