(KLP) Nursing Integrated Testing Technical Support

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What are the technical requirements for the Kaplan online resources?
View our current system requirements here.

What is the recommended browser?
Google Chrome.

My test ended early. How do I get back in or restart it?
  1. Closer the browser window
  2. Clear your cookies and cache
  3. Log back into your course
  4. Click Resume on the test
    • If Resume isn't an option, let your proctor or faculty member know that your test needs to be reset. An authorized faculty member will need to call Kaplan to have your exam reset.
  5. Once logged in to an exam, don't use the backspace key, leave the test site, refresh the page, or submit a test before completion by clicking the Quit button.
I'm unable to watch videos
  • Ensure your computer is hardwired to the internet, not running on a wireless connection
  • Disable the pop-up blocker on your browser
I'm having issues accessing the Client Simulations
  • Ensure your pop-up blocker is off before starting your Simulations.
  • Client Simulations are found in the Study Plan under Clinical Resources.
The links on the site aren't working
Link or asset access depends on your school's unique program with Kaplan.
  • If your school is signed up for the NCLEX Review class only, then you may not have access to the Integrated Testing resources.
  • If you're not yet in your last term of school, then some of the testing resources in the NCLEX Prep section may not yet be activated.
I'm unable to make a payment online
If a balance does not appear on your My Account page, please contact us to make a payment.

Can I use Kaplan's online resources on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes, you can use the browser (Google Chrome preferred) on your device.

My remediation time is incorrect
  • Avoid remediating on a smartphone as remediation time may not be accurately recorded.
  • Use the back button within the Kaplan Nursing site (found in the upper right-hand side corner of the page) rather than the browser's back button (erases remediation time).
  • Focused Review Test and NCLEX Prep Remediation time is only tracked and saved when you click on the See Explanation button within that particular question.
  • Remediation times of less than one minute may not appear in your school's reporting.
  • Check your remediation time by exam by going to Test Results > Review.
Title(KLP) Nursing Integrated Testing Technical Support
URL NameNursing-Integrated-Testing-NIT-Technical-Support

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