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The Kaplan NCLEX Review Course is typically taken just before or immediately following graduation from Nursing School. 
The Kaplan RN Course consists of 6 three-hour teaching sessions. The focus is not on content review, but rather on maximizing the content students learned in their curriculum and then teaching them how to critically think about that content. Since the NCLEX-RN examination is testing your clinical judgment, Kaplan's proven method guarantees you NCLEX success.

What does Kaplan recommend I do prior to the first class session?

Kaplan's recommendations differ between RN and PN students. Please see those recommendations below.

PN Students: Prior to the first class or after the last class, you will take the online PN Readiness Test. This decision as to when to take this test is made by your school. This test will be located in the Green Integrated Testing Box on your home page. The PN Readiness exam is 100 questions and two hours long. The test must be taken in one sitting. Depending on your program, your school may have additional requirements or recommendations prior to starting Kaplan NCLEX Review Course. Note: the Readiness exam is not reviewable once completed. You will only be able to see the scores. 

RN Students: Prior to the first class, you need to take the online Diagnostic Test. This test will be located in the Green Integrated Testing Box on your home page. The Diagnostic exam is 180 questions and 3.6 hours long. The test must be taken in one sitting. Depending on your program, your school may have additional requirements or recommendations prior to starting the Kaplan NCLEX Review Course. 
Question Trainers 1, 2, and 3 are comprehensive exams that will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses on essential nursing content. Review client need areas, focusing on those where you scored lower than 65% on the Diagnostic Test and Question Trainers 1, 2, and 3.
The Review of Content videos, Strategy Seminar, and Test-Taking Workshop will be available for you to review prior to your class as well.


What should I bring to class with me?

We only recommend that you bring a pen or pencil and a notebook. 

Where is my Diagnostic, Readiness, and NCLEX Practice Test?

If you are an RN student, the Diagnostic test will be located in the  on your student homepage. This test is 180 questions. The test must be taken in one sitting and in 216 minutes or less. Once the test is started, it cannot be paused. When taking the exam, you must answer a question to move forward.  You cannot move backward to view a previous question. Exiting the test early will end and score your test. 

The Readiness test can be found either in the Green Integrated Testing Box OR the the Grey NCLEX Prep Box on your student homepage. This exam is recommended to be taken one week prior to test day. The Readiness Test is 180 questions and must be completed in 216 minutes or less. 
The Practice Test can be found either in the Grey NCLEX Prep Box on your student homepage. This exam will typically be taken on the final day of your Kaplan Review Course during the morning session. The Practice Test is 60 questions and must be completed in 90 minutes or less. 

I missed a session and need to make it up.

It is extremely important that you attend each class as scheduled to receive the most thorough review.  However, should an emergency arise please notify your Kaplan instructor as well as your school administrator. 

Before requesting an In Person make-up option, you should first attempt to review the missed sessions online on your homepage. The recorded versions are taught by Kaplan's top faculty members, and mirror the actual class to cover all relevant material. 

⁃ If you must miss Session 1: Watch the Orientation and Decision Tree videos.

⁃ To make up any other missed lessons, refer to the “Review of Questions" videos in the Grey NCLEX box on your homepage, which contains recorded videos of the class lessons.  These are listed in the same sequence as the live class.  
As a last resort, if you are still interested in an In Person or live online make-up option, please contact us or email us at to help you find one.

I am unable to take the class offered at my campus.

If you are unable to attend the class set up by your school, please contact your administration to request permission for an alternate course.  With permission, you may click on the link below to locate and enroll in an alternate class. Please note that it does take 7-10 days to process this change, so the class start date should be at least two weeks away.

I'm unable to access my online resources.

Please call 1-877-572-8457 or e-mail us at to report your issue(s) and get assistance from Kaplan’s Technical Support Team. You may also submit a request via this link.
For calling outside the United States and Canada, call 212-997-5883.

Live Online Courses
With the Live Online version of our Classroom course, the classroom comes to you in a truly engaging and effective way. Live Online combines the structure of live, teacher-led instruction with the flexibility and interactivity of the web. Click here to see a sample lesson from a NCLEX-RN® Live Online course.

What are the technical requirements for the Live Online Course? 

Prior to joining your Live Online course, we recommend that you check the settings on the computer by reviewing the below system requirements and running the tech check. If the tech check prompts you to download Adobe Connect, please install the plug-in. It is free and safe to download to your computer.
System Requirements:
Tech Check:

How do I log in to my class?

Prior to your class start, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with the class location and login information. Click the URL for the classroom location. Your username will be your e-mail address (same address where Kaplan sent the confirmation). The password is case sensitive and will be the class code.  Once you login, you’ll be directed to change your password.
If you did not receive login information for your class, please call 1-877-572-8457.


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