NIT NCLEX Review Course Overview

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What is the Kaplan NCLEX Review course?
The course consists of six 3-hour teaching sessions and is typically taken just before or immediately after graduating from Nursing School. The goals for this course are to:
  • Maximize your nursing content knowledge
  • Learn how to think critically about this content
  • Master your clinical judgment 
What should I do before my first session?
Your school may have additional requirements or recommendations. Always check with your school administration if you're unsure what assignments you need to complete.
RN- Diagnostic (found in the green Integrated Testing box)
- Question Trainers 1-3
PN- Readiness Test* (found in the green Integrated Testing box)
* Note: Your school may schedule your Readiness Test after your last class.

Important: Students won't be able to review each individual question for their Diagnostic and Readiness Test, as these tests are not meant to be taken for review. The purpose of these tests is for our students to receive a score to know how they are performing at this point in their studies.

What if I miss a live session?
You can review any missed sessions by watching the Lesson on Demand videos in the Phase Two: In Class of your NCLEX Review Study Plan. Click on the session you missed and click the blue icon under the description. 
  • As a last resort, if you're still interested in an In Person or Live Online make-up, contact us.
What if I can't attend the class offered on my campus?
Contact your school administration to request permission to attend a course off-campus.
  • If your request is approved, click here to locate and enroll in an alternate class. The class you select should be at least 2 weeks away, since your request can take up to 7-10 days to process.
Taking a Live Online class?
Live Online offers the structure of live instruction through an interactive and engaging online platform. Click here to see an NCLEX-RN Live Online lesson. Review our system requirements and run a tech check before starting your sessions.

How do I login to my class?
On your account homepage, you will see a course called Click Here to Access Institutional Live Online. You can join your live session by clicking the Access Resources button at your scheduled time.
  • Access to the Live Online classroom will open up 15 minutes before the scheduled start  time.
  • You can view your class schedule by clicking See Schedule under the course name.
  • Test your internet speed ahead of time to make sure your class will stream properly.
Still have questions?
You can submit a request to our Student Services team at or chat us directly from your online account.
TitleNIT NCLEX Review Course Overview
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