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The NCLEX Prep Resources (Grey Box) will be available to you as you get closer to graduation, usually in your last term of Nursing school. Until then, the box will remain greyed out and unavailable.

The section below lists out the assets that will be available to you within the NCLEX-RN Prep box on your student homepage, including a description of each and Kaplan's recommendation on how to best use them. You can also refer to the Online Resources page within your Help section for webinars that will help guide you in your studies.

NOTE: Depending on your school program, you may have required or assigned resources different than listed here.
NCLEX-RN Content Review Guide
Review of essential nursing content according to NCLEX-RN Test Plan.Begin reviewing content in NCLEX-RN E-Book along with tests. Study Kaplan Decision Tree and begin using to answer questions.
Pathway to NCLEX Success videos, Strategy Seminar, Test Taking Workshop VideosA review of the Kaplan NCLEX resources and how best to utilize them. Videos of what to expect during the actual administration of the NCLEX-RN® exam, and test taking tips.View the 5 videos listed under
Pathways to NCLEX success first, before beginning any of the
Kaplan NCLEX resources.
Question Trainers (QT)
1, 2, 3
These tests are content-based to show student strengths and weaknesses. They can be done at home or proctored. These tests are not normed but provide students with great practice as well as a review of the topic explanations for all the questions.Can be retaken. Review all answers. Discover weak content areas and review content as needed.
Complete in order.
QT1 = 75 questions
QT2 = 75 questions
QT3 = 100 questions
Essential Nursing Content Videos, Decision Tree Videos300+ videos, searchable by topic, and meant to follow along the NCLEX-RN categories and the NCLEX-RN Content Review E-Book. The Decision Tree video explains how to strategically answer higher level, critical thinking questions.
Watch Decision Tree video before starting QBank questions!
Determine weak areas from Question Trainer 1-3. Use the Review of Essential Nursing Content videos to fill in gaps of content knowledge.
QBankThe QBank contains 1300+ questions including alternate item questions. These can be used in class or at home. They are not normed and are great practice.Apply the Decision Tree strategy while answering questions in the QBank. Take at least 50+ questions per week and review all answers.
Diagnostic Test &
Readiness Test
180 question tests designed to predict NCLEX readiness. Diagnostic Test is taken prior to the NCLEX® Review and the Readiness Test is taken in Phase 3, one week before test day. Diagnostic Test date is set by school faculty.Upon completion of tests, students should review test analysis and remediate everything.
Question Trainers (QT) 4, 5, 6, 7The rest of the Question Trainers become more difficult and contain more application/analysis questions.
QT4 and QT5 = 150 questions
QT6 = 200 questions, QT7 = 265 questions
Complete in order!
Take QT7 about a week before your NCLEX-RN
Apply the Decision Tree strategy. Kaplan research shows completion of all QBank questions along with Question Trainers gives high probability of passing the NCLEX-RN exam on the first try.
Recommended for after the review class; review all answers.
NCLEX Practice Test60 questions (1.5 hours) - Analysis and Application level questions following the 8 categories of the NCLEX test plan. Open the RN Practice Test in your Study Plan after Session 6 and before the Roadmap to Success session. Complete the test in a quiet environment.Taken after the NCLEX Prep class. Fill out the Test Reflection Worksheet PDF for this test. Next, attend or watch the Session 8 video lecture.
Phase One Orientation VideoThis video explains the purpose of Phase One. The video covers the recommended use of each resource for building essential nursing content knowledge.Watch this after the Orientation videos.
Phase Two Orientation VideoThis video explains the purpose of Phase Two. The video covers the recommended use of each session.Watch this before your first scheduled class session.
Phase Three OrientationThe orientation for Phase Three is the video in Session 8 of Phase Two. If you have not watched Session 8 of Phase Two, please click on the link and watch that video before beginning Phase Three.Watch the Session 8 class video after your last review class session and before you begin Phase Three assignments.
Used all your questions/resources?
The NCLEX® Prep Resources are all reusable and don't need to be reset. If you see a familiar question, don't try to remember the answer, but tackle the question as if it is a new question using the strategies you learned in your Kaplan Review course and Nursing school. Use previous testing attempts to determine areas of strength and weakness and remediate accordingly.
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