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Integrated Tests are found in the Green box in the upper left hand corner of your Student Homepage.  These are secured exams that should be given only in a proctored setting.  Your school will work with Kaplan to schedule these exams. 

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Prior to taking an Integrated Test, please review the following recommendations to help ensure a successful testing experience with Kaplan.

Once logged in students should avoid:
  • Hitting the backspace key. Tests are designed to move from one question to the next without going back to change answers. The backspace key will quit the test.  
  • Leaving the test site before completing the test, or attempting to open any other websites while testing.  This could cause the test to be submitted and scored before the student is finished.
  • Refreshing the page.  If there is a script error, or if the Internet goes down, close the browser window, log in again, and resume the test.
  • Submitting a test before completion with the “Quit” button. This will immediately close and score the test.
  • Using the radio buttons on the browser tool bar. All testing functions should be accessed from the icons within the program for best results. Since the screen is modeled after the NCLEX®, using the program buttons will give you great practice for the real thing.
I exited/was kicked out of my test before finishing.

If the internet loses connectivity for any amount of time, then you should be able to continue your test from where you left off.  Log in again, click “Available Tests” in the green box.  You should be able to click, “Resume” next to your test to continue where you left off.  If you are unable to resume your test, it will need to be reset.  Please see your proctor or faculty to assist with this process.
How long is my test? 

Tests range anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 hours long and have 75-180 questions. Test length depends on the topic being tested. Check with your faculty in advance to find out the exact length of the test.  

What is Remediation?

Reviewing integrated tests gives you an opportunity to solidify your content base with the remediation offered with each test question.
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To record correct mediation times:
  • Avoid the Back button in your browser
  • Do not close (X) out of your browser
  • Use the navigation buttons on the bottom of your screen
Although you will not be able to see the test question again while reviewing integrated tests, you will be able to see the topic of the question.  When clicking on the actual topic, there may be up to 3 bolded areas:
  • Kaplan Overview – general information on the topic
  • Essential Nursing Care – more in depth information that includes assessment, implementation, and outcomes
  • Background for Nursing Care – additional information on patient teaching, pathophysiology, and complications
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NIT students are able to see their remediation times for the Question Trainers, Sample Tests, and Qbank in the "Item Review" section for each test (this is where you see whether or not you got the question wrong, seconds used on the question, topic, etc).

Important to note: once you review each question, you'll need to return to the "Item Review" page and click the "Refresh" button on your browser. This will update the remediation time spent on each question reviewed so that you are able to see it.

A timer will soon be available within the topic reviews so that you can monitor the time spent remediating each question.

Why should I remediate?

The goal should be to remediate each of those topics by taking notes, making flash cards, or referring to the Basics Book or text books for a deeper understanding on that question’s topic. Remediation is where the learning for you, the student, takes place. In the remediation process, you learn information you didn’t know before or correct faulty thinking that you may have had prior.

When I remediate, why can’t I see the original questions and answers again?

Do not worry about the question or answer, but rather that you come away with a deeper understanding of the nursing content. Learning is not memorization, so memorizing a question and answer will not help you to understand nursing content and will not help you to be successful on future nursing tests. 

What is a good score on an Integrated Test?

Your school will set your benchmarks for Integrated Tests based on your nursing program’s goals and student risk assessments. Your score should be at minimum, above the 50th percentile.

What does national norming mean? 

A nationally normed test is a test that has been given to a representative sample, called a norming group, of students from across the country - students from all types of programs (Diploma, Associate and Bachelors) and from all regions of the United States. A psychometrician calculates percentile rankings based on the data collected to give you data on how you compare to the national norm (the representative group of nursing students).

For example: 74th percentile means you scored better than 74% of all students who took the test. You want to be higher than the 50th percentile- the higher the better.

Should I pay attention to percentile ranking or percent correct?

Both.  Your percent correct score is the percent correct out of 100.  This score will be indicative of your mastery of the content of the test.  The percentile ranking score will allow you to compare your score to a national norm in order to rank yourself (see “what does national norming mean?”). Both scores should, at minimum, be above 50, but scores of 60 or above are desirable.

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