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Mid-Fidelity Simulations

Mid-Fidelity Simulations
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Mid-Fidelity Simulations, formally referred to as Case Studies, are found in the blue box, in the lower left corner of your student homepage. They require students to critically think and make clinical judgments. There are six simulated client simulations; each is divided into five modules, for a total of 30 modules.  Modules are organized according to the Nursing Process. Each case takes an average of 5 hours to complete, including the tutorial video. 
Mid-Fidelity Simulations are provided for RN students only. PN students will not have Case Studies listed in the blue box.

Is there an Orientation for Mid-Fidelity Simulations?

Yes. There is an orientation video for each module located on the student homepage in the blue "Clinical Resources" box. It is highly recommended that students watch each orientation video before completing the simulation.

My Mid-Fidelity Simulation will not open.

Each Mid-Fidelity Simulation opens in a new window. If your pop-up blocker is activated, then it will prevent your Mid-Fidelity Simulations from opening. Be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker by clicking on the pop-up blocker notification in the browser bar (usually a yellow notification) and allowing pop-ups for the Kaplan website.

Can I retake a Mid-Fidelity Simulation?

You may repeat any module to improve performance once you have completed all modules within the Mid-Fidelity Simulation.

My report only shows the first results.

The original score is the one that is permanent and will remain in the student score results. This is the score your faculty will see as well. If you are repeating a Simulation to improve your score, you must take a screenshot of the new results before you quit the module, and turn that into your instructor (see instructions below).
To provide a screenshot:
1. Your computer has a "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. It may be in the number pad section, or one of the "F" keys at the top of your keyboard, usually labeled as "Prnt Scrn."
2. Hold down the "FN" "Ctrl" or "Alt" key and the “Prnt Scrn” button. Once you have used the Print Screen button, click into a word doc or e-mail and right click to paste your screenshot. It will show everything you currently have open on your computer screen, so make sure you have the Kaplan site pulled up to be included in the screenshot.

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What are Essential Nursing Skills?

Essential Nursing Skills is a resource designed to help educate students on the basic nursing skills. Each training module is presented as a brief video that demonstrates the skill and is followed by a 5 question quiz.  Students will receive a percent correct on the quiz.
The first time you start a module, the quiz will not activate until the video is played in its entirety. If you repeat the training, you will be able to skip to the questions.

What are the system requirements for Essential Nursing Skills?

Essential Nursing Skills requires Adobe Flash Player. Please Click here to update your Adobe Flash Player.

I do not see Essential Nursing Skills in the blue box.

Not all schools/programs have access to Essential Nursing Skills. If you do not see this resource in the blue box on your student homepage, then you do not have access. 

How do I remediate Essential Nursing Skills?

To remediate the quizzes, please go to ‘Test Results’ on the student homepage. The completed quizzes will be listed.  Click the review link to remediate the questions. Students can also remediate the Essential Nursing Skills by reviewing the video again. Remediation time is not recorded for the Essential Skills videos and quizzes.

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