I'm an NCLEX Student and I Need More Time

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NCLEX Students, Need More Time?
You’ve got options.  We’ve got your back.
First things first: how much time do you need to study?
You can view the expiration date to your online resources by logging into your account page here and checking "Expiration Date" under "Your Active Courses" in the bottom right-hand corner.
Need just a little bit more time?
Kaplan Nursing experts and research from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (writers of the NCLEX) recommend taking the NCLEX as soon as possible because passing rates decrease when test is delayed. However if you need to get just a little more studying done between now and test day, you can extend your current resources in 1-month increments.

1 Month Extension
NCLEX-PN Comprehensive$39
NCLEX-PN Qbank$29
NCLEX-RN Comprehensive$69
NCLEX-RN Comprehensive + CAT$79
NCLEX-RN Qbank$39
Qbank + CAT

Content + Practice Pack$59
NCLEX-RN International$69
CCRN Qbank$59
TEAS Qbank$29
How to extend your resources for one month:
1.  Log in to your account page here
2.  Click “Extend Course" under your active enrollment

You can activate an extension through your account anytime within 28 days after your initial course expiration date.

Need even more time?

If you have more than eight weeks until test day, or if you’re not exactly sure when you’ll be testing, we recommend taking advantage of your Pass Guarantee (pending eligibility). Click here to check out the qualifying criteria. If you’re eligible, you can activate your Pass Guarantee or Free Repeat Guarantee by contacting us within 20 days of your test date.

How to enroll in your Pass Guarantee for a Free Repeat
Did you originally enroll in the In Person or Live Online course? Here are your easy steps to enrolling in your Free Repeat:
1.  Take a look at our upcoming classes here
2.  Pick a new class that works best for your schedule
3.  Take note of the class code
4.  Email us at letting us know you’d like to use your Prep Guarantee (include the new class code in the email)
5.  We’ll have the new course set up in your current account within 48 hours

Did you originally enroll in the Self Paced option, or not feeling like another live class?

No problem - you can re-enroll in a self-paced course and study on your own schedule. If you’d like to choose this option, let us know when you’d like to start your self-paced course in your email and we’ll get you started!

Once you take advantage of this no-cost repeat, you’ll no longer be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee refund. If you have any questions, you can read all about our Pass Guarantee policy here.

Still not sure?

We understand! You don’t have to figure it out alone. Chat with us through your online account, email us at, or give us a call and one of our Test Prep Experts will help you decide what steps to take next.
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We’re here for you when you need us.



Q: Do extensions impact my Pass Guarantee or Free Repeat Guarantee eligibility? 

A: No - Choosing an extension doesn’t take away your eligibility, as long as you redeem your Guarantee within an eligible timeframe. Read all about our Pass Guarantee policy here

Q: How long will it take for my extension to be applied?

A: We’ll have your expiration date updated within 24-48 business hours, and if the course hasn’t expired yet, we’ll add the length of time you requested to the end of your course.


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