Make-Up a Missed Class for Grad, PreCollege, and NCLEX Programs

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 Need to Miss a Scheduled Class Session?
Don't worry! You have options. 

Make-Up Options

We recommend you make up your missed session with another live class. You can make up as many In Person sessions as you need. If you're enrolled in an In-Person class, your live make-up will also need to be In-Person; if you're enrolled in a Live Online class, your live make-up will also need to be Live Online.
In-Person: use the Make-Up Session Finder tool in your online syllabus, following the instructions below. 
Live Online: chat with us through your online account, email us at, or Contact Us for help finding a Live Online make-up session.

How to Use Your Make-Up Session Finder to Make-Up a Missed Live In Person Class

1. Open your Account Management page
2. Select "Find a Make-Up Session"

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4. You can also open the class session in your online syllabus and click the calendar link to find a make-up session. Notice you can also choose to watch the Lesson on Demand just left of the calendar. 
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5. Select the session to make up from the drop down menu
6. Select the date range that you're available
7. Add your postal code and then hit "Go"

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8. Click the "Enroll" button on the right once you find an option that works for you. You and the instructor of the make-up class will get a confirmation email immediately after. When you arrive, introduce yourself to let them know you're there for a make-up.

Note: To ensure you are looking at current classes that will cover the right content, try to schedule your make-up within 24 hours of the session (rather than earlier).

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9. If you don't receive any search results that work for you, try extending the date range and/or distance filter. If you're still having trouble, see below for another Make-Up option.

Catch Up with Lessons On Demand

If you're unable to find an ideal live session to make up your missed session, you can make it up with a Lesson Demand (in your syllabus). Note that if you are enrolled in an In Person or Live Online, you can make-up only two live sessions with On Demand lessons to still be eligible for the Higher Score or Prep Guarantees. 

■ In your online syllabus, click on the session you'll miss 
■ Under the class session, click on the blue video link next to the calendar icon

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Missed a Practice Test? Attend a Make-Up Test Or Self Proctor the Exam Online 

In Person Practice Tests
If your course includes In Person Practice Tests, we recommend making up your missed exam with another live class. Mimicking the test day experience is an important element of Kaplan's test prep programs. 
Online Practice Tests 
If your course includes only Online Practice Tests or you can't find an ideal live class to make up your missed practice test, you can self-proctor or take the exam online at your convenience.
1. Find the test you need to take and click "Take Online." You can suspend the test at any time, but we recommend completing tests in one sitting. You'll be able to view the answers and explanations after you submit for grading.
2. Paper/Pencil tests only (PreCollege, LSAT): you can take the test with pencil and paper and enter your answers via smartphone using the Mobile Webgrid option, or in your Online Resources via computer, also in an online webgrid.


Q: Can I use the Make-Up Session Finder to find a Live Online make-up option?
A: The make-up session finder is used to find In Person sessions and it doesn’t currently support Live Online sessions. You may chat with us through your online account, email us at, or Contact Us for help finding a Live Online Make-Up session.

Q: Where do I find Lessons on Demand if I want to make-up a Live session?
A: Under the class session you want to make-up, click the blue video link next to the calendar icon.

Q: Will the instructor of the make-up class know that I’m attending?
A: Yes. Once you enroll in a make-up through the Make-Up session finder tool, both you and the instructor for the make-up class will receive a confirmation email of your attendance.

Q: I’m attending a Live Online class. Can I attend an In Person session as a make-up option?
A: If you’re enrolled in a Live Online class, your live make-up will also need to be Live Online. If you’re unable to find an ideal live session, feel free to catch up using your Lessons on Demand.  

Q: I enrolled in a make-up class and missed that session too. Can I sign up for another make-up session?
A: Yes. You can enroll in another make-up option using the Make-Up Session Finder or contact us anytime during the period of your enrollment.


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