I'm Prepping for ACT/SAT and Need More Time

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Prepping for College and Need More Time?

You’ve got options. We’ve got your back.

First things first: how much time do you need to study?

You can view your expiration date for your online resources by logging into your account page here and clicking “Manage My Course and Payments.”

 Need just a little bit more time?

If you’re looking to get just a little bit more studying done between now and test day, we recommend extending your resources. You can continue using your online resources with 4-week extensions for up to sixteen weeks in total.

$99 per 
1 month extension 

Prep Course, Online or In Person
Self-Paced Course
Private Tutoring 
SAT Live Online Essentials 

We recommend extending your resources if your test date is a few days or weeks away, and you’re looking to get just a little bit more studying done between now and test day.

How to extend your resources

You can choose to activate an extension by contacting us, or emailing us at anytime within 28 days after your initial course expiration date.

Need even more time?

We recommend using your Higher Score Guarantee if you have more than 16 weeks until test day or if you’re not sure when you’ll be testing. Most Pre-College students can repeat their course for free with our Higher Score Guarantee as long as this is the first time taking the course. Click here to check out the qualifying criteria. If you’re eligible, you can activate your Higher Score Guarantee by contacting us within 90 days of your test date.

How to utilize your Higher Score Guarantee

Did you originally enroll in a Live Online or In Person course? Here are some easy steps on how to enroll in your Higher Score Guarantee Free Repeat:

1.Take a look at our upcoming classes here*
2.Pick a new class that works best for your schedule
3.Take note of the class code
4.Email us at letting us know you’d like to use your Higher Score Guarantee (include the new class code in the email)
5.We’ll have the new course set up in your current account within 48 hours

*Important Note: If you were originally enrolled in a Plus course, please be sure to check out the schedules from our non-plus options

Did you originally enroll in the Self Paced option, or not feeling like another live class?

No problem - you can re-enroll in a self-paced course and study on your own schedule. If you’d like to choose this option, let us know when you’d like to start your self-paced course in your email and we’ll get you started!

Once you take advantage of this no-cost repeat, you’ll no longer be eligible for the Money Back Guarantee refund. If you have any questions, you can read all about our Higher Score Guarantee policy here.

Still not sure?

We understand! You don’t have to figure it out alone. Email us at, or give us a call and one of our Test Prep Experts will help you decide what steps to take next.

Contact Us
We’re here for you when you need us.



Q: Is there a limit to the number of extensions I can use?

A: You can extend your resources for up to sixteen weeks after the initial course resources expire, which means that you can use up to four 4-week extensions.

Q: Do extensions impact my Higher Score Guarantee eligibility?

A: No - Choosing an extension does not take away the option to utilize your Higher Score Guarantee - after the extension period ends, you will be eligible to activate your Higher Score Guarantee for up to three months after your extended resource expiration date.

Q: How long will it take for my extension to be applied?

A: We will have your expiration date updated within 24-48 business hours, and if the course has not yet expired, we’ll add the length of time requested to the end of the course.

Q: Can I extend my resources for supplemental products?

A: Yes - If you selected an extension for a comprehensive course, your supplemental resources will be extended for the same amount of time. Stand alone products cannot be given a separate extension.

Q: Can I extend my Plus / Tutoring course?

A: Yes - Extension options are available for all comprehensive courses. Please note: extending your course will NOT add more coaching / tutoring hours to your enrollment. If you would like to purchase more hours, please chat or call us.

Q: What are my options for SSAT, ISEE, and SHSAT?

A: SSAT and ISEE students receive a 10% discount on repeat enrollments. If you’re an SHSAT student who was accepted into a specialized high school but not one of your top 3 choices, you can repeat the course for a 50% discount or repeat your tutoring for $99 per hour. If you weren’t accepted into a specialized high school you can repeat the course for free or repeat your tutoring for $99 per hour.

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