Freeze Policy (Medical Programs)

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At Kaplan, we understand circumstances arise that could impact your ability to complete your program, and we want to make sure you are able to continue studying when you are ready.  We offer you the option to "freeze" your enrollment, and begin again when you are ready, according to the terms below.

To confirm your eligibility and because it is a legal requirement, complete 
the freeze policy form and submit it to your Kaplan agent.
Freeze Eligibility
  • Freezes are NOT available to students enrolled in:
    • Online Med courses (including Live Online and online-only)
    • Intense Prep programs
    • High Yield programs
    • COMLEX programs
    • USMLE extensions
    • USMLE Live Lectures or Retreat programs (once you have begun attending live lectures)
    • FlexPrep (unless the Live Prep component has been completed, in which case you CAN freeze) 
    • USMLE Step 2 CS Courses
  • Freezes are available for students who have already begun using their Kaplan Medical resources.  If you have not yet begun using your Kaplan resources and need to change your study schedule, discuss changing the student’s start date (as long as it’s within 7 months of original start date).
  • If you have a balance due (even if you have future installment billing dates set up), you are ineligible for a freeze.  You must be completely paid in full in order to be eligible.
  •  If you have previously frozen the same course, you are ineligible for a freeze.
You may freeze the program on one occasion for up to five (5) months - if you have at least 30 days left on your enrollment, at which point the enrollment will be automatically terminated.
  •  If you fail to inform Kaplan of your intent to freeze before taking a break from your studies, a retro-active freeze will NOT be available.
  •  If you fail to submit the Kaplan freeze form in a timely manner, you will forfeit any course time that has elapsed since you stopped attending/using the Kaplan resources.  (An exception would be considered if the absence was related to a medical or family emergency, and documentation is provided.)
  •  Freezing a course may result in the loss of previous work or functionality for any online component that accompanies the course.  If this happens, Kaplan will not be able to restore any previous work or functionality.
  •  If you lose your course materials and need them replaced, you must pay $500 per course/step.
  • You may leave your course active and choose not to freeze during vacation. If you freeze, you cannot access resources.  
  •  When you unfreeze, you will return to the same kind of program you froze.  For example, if you froze a USMLE Step 1 program, you will return to the same USMLE Step 1 program.
  •  You will no longer be eligible for any promotions and/or refunds applicable to this program.
  •   Extensions alone are not eligible for freezing.

Additional Terms for I-20 Students
  • International students studying on a Kaplan-issued I-20 must additionally request Designated School Official (DSO) approval in order to freeze their enrollment.
  •  To request permission, you must submit a completed Request for Temporary Absence form, available from your DSO.  This form should be submitted to the DSO at least five (5) days before you wish to freeze your studies.
  • Freeze approval is not guaranteed.
  • Freezing your enrollment DOES NOT guarantee an extension of your I-20. 

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