Adware, Malware, & Viruses

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Adware and malware will cause computer virus-like symptoms such as slowing down the performance of your computer, creating hard drive capacity issues, programs crashing, or programs closing independently. 

These can load multiple pop-ups / ads, interfere with websites loading properly, and will make unwelcomed changes to the programs on your computer.

To avoid malware and its impact on your system, keep in mind a few security practices:
  • Refrain from clicking on any suspicious pop-up windows, links, or ads.
  • Avoid answering unsolicited emails / messages
  • Be careful when downloading free applications (only download from trusted sources)
If you’re experiencing any of these issues, you’ll need to have your PC or Mac serviced by a professional to assist in resolving this issue.

Seek additional help from the device manufacturer. 

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