Deposits (Kaplan Medical Programs)

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You may reserve a seat in any available Med on-site program by leaving a deposit. You may  also enroll in a program with a deposit without reserving a seat in a specified class, such as a future start date or for a class that is full (student is on waitlist). Deposits are fully refundable as per the terms of our enrollment agreement.

  • Deposit enrollments are not entitled to course resources.
  • Start date must be within 7 months of enrollment date.
  • Students not Paid in Full 30 days from their class start may be dropped/lost their seat in the class. 
  • You may enroll in any Step 1 and Step 2 CK combination course with the full understanding that 1 deposit of $500 of each Step is required (total $1000 deposit)
  • You may enroll in any Plus program with 1 deposit split equally between the program.
  • If you purchase your extension while you are still enrolled in the course that is to be extended, you must begin the extension immediately upon completion of the previous course. Extensions purchased after completion of the initial course being extended MUST be purchased within 90 days of the expiration date of the previous course and MUST commence immediately. There are no delayed start dates for extensions and extension purchases may not be frozen or put on hold.
  • Upgrades must be paid in full at the time of processing IF you have already begun using the initial course. If you are upgrading AND have not yet begun studying, AND do not plan on studying right away, payment in full is NOT required.

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