How do I use the Bar Review app?

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Where can I get it?
The app can be downloaded through the Android Market or iTunes store (iPhone apps section).
  • Requires Android 6.2 or later. Find what version you have here.
  • Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Find what version you have here.
How do I access it?
Log in using your information. If you have trouble, make sure your password contains only lowercase letters and numbers. Special characters (such as #/&/$) may cause problems.

Are state-specific Bar points available on the app?
Yes, you'll have access to all the flashcards that are available to you on the web (MBE and state-specific) in the app as well.

Can I stream the lessons?
Yes. If you choose to stream, make sure you're on a high speed wifi connection for the best result. You can also download the lesson to your device to view when you don't have internet access; for iOS users, you can find these in your Media Library.

How many lectures can I download at a time?
This is dependent upon the space you have available on your device. To make more space, you can go to your device’s settings.

Can I take quizzes through the app?
Yes. The MBE QBank feature is now available and will allow you to create a custom quiz from the 7 MBE subjects; if your course includes a second Qbank, that will also be available on the app. Once the Qbank content is all downloaded, you can submit a custom quiz, view results offline and sync with the web and other devices. When you connect to wifi again, your work will automatically sync with your account.

I completed work on my computer, but I don't see that progress on my app. Why?
For fleX and QBank, progress updates every time you navigate to the Home and History screens, as long as you have downloaded all of the question content to the app. In the case of Daily Assignments and Strength & Weakness sections, the progress is not updated instantly. To see this progress reflected on your app, you'll need to pull down to refresh the sessions/assignments list.

What can I do with the Strength and Weakness guide assignments?
While tasks may be completed on the app, it is recommended to complete S&W tasks from the web to ensure they are checked off.

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