Are Kaplan courses tax deductible?

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In most cases, the answer is no. Kaplan classes are not tax-deductible because Kaplan is not a Title IV institution and is not considered eligible under the IRS Education Deduction Guidelines.

If you need it, our Federal Taxpayer ID number is 22-2573250.

If you have any further questions regarding deductions, we advise that you discuss them with your tax accountant.

Taxes for International Medical Students:
Tax laws are diverse and complicated. You are advised to contact a tax advisor or the IRS or (1-800-874-1460) to ensure you receive accurate information. In particular, this section of the IRS website, may be helpful as it outlines filing requirements and exemptions.

In general, F-1 students are required to file Form 8843 to report this presence in the U.S. If the student has been employed, Form 1040 NR or Form 1040NR-EZ is also required. If no income was earned, only Form 8843 states to the U.S. government that the student was in the U.S. as a non-resident.

Note: Form 1098-T is a Tuition Statement issued by institutions whose courses are tax-deductible. Kaplan's tuition is not eligible for this tax deduction and thus Kaplan does not issue a Form 1098-T.
TitleAre Kaplan courses tax deductible?
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