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Online Resources (Including E-Books)
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How do I use my online resources?

Integrated Testing Online Resources
Each area of your student site now has a quick Orientation that you can watch to better understand the resources within that section.  

Nursing School Success (Purple Box)
This is a great starting place when you first log into your student homepage!  This Nursing School Success section is located in the purple box towards the top of your student homepage. It contains workshops to help you sharpen your study skills and maximize your performance in school.

the nursing school success video is available under your welcome message

Integrated Testing (Green Box)
If you are using the Kaplan Integrated Testing product throughout your nursing education, then you will use the Integrated Testing box for exams. The green box contains secured subject and end-of-course tests that will be set up and administered by faculty in a proctored test setting. Start by watching the Orientation Video.

If you have additional questions regarding Integrated Testing or Remediation, please click here.  

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Focused Review Tests (Orange Box)
Focused Review Tests are available 24/7 and can be taken as many times as you like. These are topical practice tests taken at home for remediation, review, or prep for classroom quizzes. Start by watching the orientation video.  

For more information on Focused Review tests, you may also click here

the orange box is titled focused review tests

NCLEX Prep (Grey Box)
The NCLEX Prep box houses the Kaplan online review materials that will be activated during your final term of school, if purchased by your school. These resources will be used in conjunction with and following the Kaplan NCLEX Review course.
the grey box titled nclex prep houses your qbank and other final term nclex prep resources

You may also have a Study Plan button that will redirect you to a separate online study plan.
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Clinical Resources (Blue Box)
Depending on what was purchased by your school, Case Studies and/or Essential Nursing Skills may appear in the blue box. Please read below to learn more about each of these assets.

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Mid-Fidelity Simulations (RN Only)
Faculty will assign simulations to build critical thinking skills. (Mid-Fidelity simulations were formally referred to as Case Studies.)

Essential Nursing Skills
This section is activated by faculty request and will help educate students on the basic nursing skills. Each training module will be presented via a brief video followed by a 5 question quiz. Students will be able to repeat the video and/or questions as often as they like. For additional information regarding the Clinical Resources, including orientation videos, please watch the appropriate syllabus orientation video below: 
NIT (Integrated Testing) RN students:
NIT (Integrated Testing) PN students: 

What books are included in the Kaplan program?
Kaplan Integrated Testing Books
Depending on the program purchased by your school, you will have access to the Kaplan Basics Book and/or the Kaplan RN Content Review Guide. Both books are available in e-book format.
  • Basics Book: The Basics Book can be used throughout nursing school. It identifies important concepts about specific nursing topics and is organized by specialty. Students can use this before reading their textbook to determine what is important and after to reinforce key nursing concepts.  This is an easy reference for identified topical weaknesses.
  • RN/PN Content Review Guide: The Content Review Guide is used during the final graduating term.  It reviews essential nursing content according to NCLEX-RN® / NCLEX-PN® Test Plan and can be used alongside the NCLEX Prep resources.

How do I access and download the e-books?
Kaplan books are available via e-book for your convenience. Students can download the e-book from the Student Homepage onto any computer or mobile device. From your home page, click on the link Manage my course and payments.  Under Course details select Access Digital Books. You will then be directed to another page with a set of instructions that will help you download an Adobe Digital Edition of your Nursing e-book. 

For step-by-step instructions to access your Kaplan e-book, follow the instructions below: 

Step 1: Create an Adobe Account

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Step 2: Install and Authorize Adobe Digital Editions
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3. Select Your Device
User-added image

4. Download E-books
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Note: Students who have a Google Chromebook will need to email to request a copy of the Nursing Basics and/or RN/PN Content Review Guide. See Can I purchase a hardcopy of the book? below if you are interested in owning a hardcopy along with your digital version.

If you have any questions about your eBooks, please email our Enrollment and Experience Team at

Can I purchase a hardcopy of the book?
If you would prefer to own a hardcopy of the book in addition to the e-book, you may purchase it. sells The Basics Book, the PN Content Review Guide and the RN Content Review Guide.

Can I use the e-book on my smartphone or tablet?
The e-book can be downloaded to any mobile device.  If you encounter any issues when downloading your ebook or need additional help, please reach out to

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