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Your free practice test results (DAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, OAT, PCAT)

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Did you take a free practice test with Kaplan and are now looking for your results?  We can help!
See below for specific instructions on how to retrieve your practice test score report.  How you find your scores will differ slightly based on how you took your test: In Person, online in our Live Online environment, or self-proctored online. 

In Person Live Practice Tests
After taking a practice test at one of our In Person events, you will enter your answers into an online webgrid to have your test graded.  (If you have a web-enabled mobile device handy, you can enter your results immediately after taking the test.) 
  1. To get started, navigate to
  2. You will be prompted to enter your Enrollment ID, which can be found on your admission ticket that you received when you checked in at the event.
  3. After entering your answers (a process that takes about 10 minutes), you will be able to review your score report.  Once you've submitted your webgrid, a more comprehensive version of this score report will be available in your online profile for 90 days after the event. 
If prompted to enter a keyword prior to retrieving your results, enter practicesmarter.
To return to your online profile, log in at and view your Event Syllabus.
By logging into your online profile, you can also review the answers and explanations to your practice test, as well as request a consultation with one of our Enrollment Counselors.  

Live Online Practice Tests
If you took a live online practice test in our Live Online environment, you would have been directed to a Review and Analysis page upon completion of your test. 
  1. You can access this information for 90 days after your event by logging in at and viewing your Event Syllabus.

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  2. Click the name of the test within the event description.  You will then be able to see a detailed analysis of your performance, as well as full answers and explanations.

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Answers and explanations are also available at after you complete the test. 

Self-Proctored Online Practice Tests from
If you took an online, self-proctored test on and would like to review your detailed score report, log into your account, and locate the practice test under "My Courses." 
  1. Once on the "My Courses" page, you will see the practice test you took listed under Active Courses (results are not accessible if test is listed under Other Courses).
  2. Click "Access my Online Resources."

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  3. You will be taken to the Smart Reports™ dashboard where you can view a detailed analysis of your test performance.

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