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(New SAT) How do I use my online resources?

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For complete instructions on how to use your SAT online resources, follow the directions below:  

1. Log into your online resources at If you don’t know your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Make sure to use the student email that you provided when you enrolled.
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2. Select the appropriate course from your homepage.
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3. Read carefully and accept your Enrollment Agreement.
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4. Your Dashboard will provide a quick snapshot of your progress and suggest next steps in your studies. To get started, click on the Study Plan tab.

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5. Watch the videos and review the documents in the Getting Started section. Your first session will be Practice Test 1 – please wait until your first classroom session before completing this test. If you are unable to attend, you may self-proctor the exam by selecting Practice Test 1 from left navigation. 
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6. Review your results.
• View your Practice Test results online via Item Review. Review the solutions for your incorrect answers – this is a great way to learn from your mistakes.
• View your Performance Summary for an overview of your performance by question type.

• Review lesson recommendations on the Resources tab. Use the filters on the left navigation to select lessons recommended for you by class session, subject, or lesson type.
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7. You are required to complete everything on your online Study Plan, and strongly recommended to complete everything recommended to you under Your Recommendations. Activities include:
• Homework: Enter your answers into the online bubble grids provided in your online account. Your performance will be used to fuel your recommendations. Then, review the Answers & Explanations in the back of your course book.

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• Direct Instruction: view video lessons from our top instructors of special skills, strategies, or to review a topic covered in class
• Guided Practice: practice the Kaplan Methods with step-by-step question practice
• Independent Practice: challenge yourself with timed online quizzes
8. If you are in a Premier Tutoring Course, your Tutor will assign your lessons, in addition to the lessons recommended based on your performance.
For extra practice, try the official SAT practice tests—created by the test maker—integrated with your Kaplan study plan. This is an exciting feature that combines official test content with unique Kaplan reporting, expert instruction, answers, and strategic explanations.
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Do I have to proctor the College Board tests independently? 

Nope! We can help proctor the tests. There are two distinct ways we can help:

1. Sign up for a live online test proctoring session
2. View a pre-recorded proctoring video*.

*Self-Paced students only have access to option 2.

With either option, you can focus on taking the test, while a live or recorded proctor keeps track of time for each test section. Downloadable copies of each practice exam is available in the Proctoring section.

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