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How do I use my online resources? (NCLEX)

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For complete instructions on how to use your online resources, watch the appropriate syllabus orientation video below.

NIT (Integrated Testing) RN students:
NIT (Integrated Testing) PN students: 

NCLEX-RN and PN students: Please read the general overview below (your resources may slight differ).

Syllabus Overview and Reference Guide

1. Log into your online resources at If you don’t know your password, click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Make sure to use the student email that you provided when you enrolled.
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2. Select the appropriate course from your homepage.
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3. Read carefully and accept your Enrollment Agreement.
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4. Watch the videos and review the documents in the Welcome section. You will need to complete the Phase One: Before Class sessions prior to your first scheduled class session. This includes taking your Diagnostic exam and Question Trainers 1 - 3.

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Lesson On Demand Videos

(LOD - Content) are a great review of key nursing school content, organized by Topic, and Lessons On Demand Class Question Videos (LOD - Class Questions) review the material you will cover in class.

Kaplan Qbank

With the QBank, you can build your own practice tests out of the 2,000+ available questions.

Sample question in a Q-Bank




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