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Getting Ready for Day 1 (Kaplan NCLEX RN)

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Kaplan is honored to be hosting your NCLEX review. NCSBN has stated they are testing for a single construct on test day: Critical Thinking. Kaplan’s course was designed specifically around this construct to provide you a framework that will build and improve your Critical Thinking skills. During your review, we will be focusing on NCLEX style questions that follow the NCLEX® Test plan to give you the confidence you need to pass. Our curriculum has worked for hundreds of thousands of nursing graduates, and we are confident that it will work for you, too! Through instruction and practice with our Master’s faculty you will learn the skills that will be necessary to pass the NCLEX® exam the first time.

Preparations you will want to make before attending your first class are:

If you have not done so already please check your full class schedule on your personal syllabus by signing in at You should have received an email invitation to set up your online account. If you did not receive this email, go to and click on the "Forgot your password?" link below the login button. Enter your email address and the invitation will be resent to you. If you have any difficulty, please contact us, or email us at

While your first session date appears in your course reminder email, please be aware that you may have more than one session per day. You should be prepared to stay for all sessions each day to maximize performance on test day and to fulfill the eligibility requirements for your guarantee.

If you have additional questions regarding your Kaplan Nursing Program, first sign in to your student homepage and select the "Need Help" button located in the upper right corner or your screen.

It is important to complete the below prescribed pre-work and to review your results so you have a clear understanding of your personal content area strengths and weaknesses. These results will help you define and start on an individualized content study plan.
Completion of PHASE ONE will also help you maximize your potential success in your upcoming class, which is PHASE TWO – NCLEX® Review Course.
Here are the steps to follow to complete your PHASE ONE assignments before your first class:

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Set up your online account at  You should have received a Welcome email with instructions.

NOTE: If you did not receive a Welcome email, go to and click on Forgot Your Password? Under the Sign in button to have the email re-sent to you.  If you do that and you still do not receive the Welcome email, or if you are having other difficulties please contact us, or email us at

After setting up your account, go to My Courses, click on Access My Online Resources and accept the Enrollment Agreement for you course.

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Watch all five of the videos under Get Started on your Path to NCLEX® Success to help familiarize yourself with your online resources.

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Take the Diagnostic Exam under Phase One: Before Class >Diagnostic Exam in your study plan to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

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Complete the assignments under Phase One: BEFORE CLASS > Essential Nursing Content
  • First, download your Kaplan Nclex-RN® eBook by following the instructions.
  • Next, watch your Phase One Content Videos by searching the Video Library for any content areas identified as areas of weakness in your Diagnostic.

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Take Question Trainers 1, 2 and 3 under PHASE ONE: BEFORE CLASS > Question Trainers 1-3 to address any remaining content issues.
If you have additional questions regarding your Kaplan NCLEX Review Course, you'll find many of the answers here on this Customer Support portal. If you have questions about NCLEX content or the NCLEX test itself, email 

You’ve made the right choice in selecting Kaplan to prepare for the NCLEX®!  We look forward to working with you to ensure your success on Test Day.
Let’s get started!
Sincerely and best wishes,
The Team at Kaplan Nursing




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