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Kaplan provides email support in answering GED students' questions about the academic content of their course material (primarily from online lessons, books, homework, quizzes, tests, etc).  Please use the email address below:

We answer the following types of questions within 72 business hours.

When submitting either of the following, please include the Question Identification Number (QID), or a screenshot of the question ("Print Screen" button on a PC keyboard, Command + Shift + 3 on a Mac keyboard). To ensure we accurately answer your question, please include specifics around whether you need assistance with the answer, or the explanation, or the strategy, etc. Since we only communicate through email, we are not able to explain all topics or create individual study plans.
  • Reports of or inquiries about errors in the course material
  • Further explanation on a question or concept in the course material (see examples below; note that while these are not actually GED examples, they illustrate the format perfectly):
QID h000795:  “I am very confused by this question. I thought the highest priority on the left side was the BrCH2CH2- group and -CH2CH3 on the right side. Therefore they should be on opposite sides across the double bond. However, I think the explanation has the (CH3)2CH- as the higher priority group on the left side. Can this be further explained because I don't understand it?”

QID gm10wcri03: “I am confused about this question (on the Critical Reasoning Intermediate Workshop).  They say that C is the correct answer because "it must be true that this alternative cause did not occur."  Why couldn't the same be said of the other answer choices?  Thanks!”

The Academic Support team does not answer any questions about student accounts, refunds, Higher Score Guarantee, shipment of materials, technical issues, errata, personal study plans, etc.
  • For questions about student accounts, refunds, Higher Score Guarantee, materials, tutoring, please first check our Customer Support Portal at If you don't find what you're looking for, you can chat with us through your online account, email us at, or Contact Us to discuss your options..
  • For Technical Support (pages not loading, images missing, programs not running) or to reset tests or quizzes, please chat with us through your online account, email us at, or Contact Us to discuss your options.



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