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First Day of Class (Bar Review)

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Complete these tasks before attending your Kaplan Bar Review class sessions:
1.Complete the MBE Foundation sessions on your online syllabus. They will help you develop an attack plan for the MBE and prepare for the comprehensive subject review. For each MBE topic, you will receive introductory lectures on how that topic will be tested on the exam, exam-like practice quizzes and question-based reviews for each quiz.
2.View the Orientation Videos on your syllabus. They will provide great insight into the features and resources available to you during your course.
3.Check your online syllabus before each class session to download the Bar Notes that accompany your lectures. If you're handwriting your notes, be sure to download and print the Bar Notes and bring something to write with. If you're typing your notes, please download them before class.
4.Download the latest version of the Kaplan Bar Review app, in either the Android or Apple store. You will be able to access many tools and resources there, including practice questions, Flex flash cards, and more.
As you can see, much of your work is required to be completed in your online syllabus.

If you do not know or cannot remember your Kaptest password, click on the "Forgot Password" link on the Login page and it will be emailed to you.


Where can I find the location and time of my class?

Approximately two weeks prior to the start of your class, Kaplan Bar Review will contact you by email with the location, dates, and times of your class sessions. Read this communication carefully: it’s possible that some class sessions meet at different locations from others. 

You can always view your current class schedule by logging in at, selecting "See Details" under your course name, and then clicking "See Schedule."

What do I need to bring to class?

Please bring note taking materials. If you enroll less than a week before your class begins, please bring the enrollment confirmation we emailed to you.

When will my course materials ship?

Once you have paid in full or are on a payment plan, your books and materials will ship prior to receiving Full Access to your course (see the next question for timing of Full Access). When your course materials ship, you’ll receive a shipping notification via email with a UPS tracking number. You will be able track your UPS shipment by simply clicking on the tracking number in the email.

Books for courses for the February exam will start arriving mid-November, prior to your Bar exam date. Books for courses for the July exam will start arriving mid-March, prior to your Bar exam date. If you have changed your shipping address since enrolling into your Kaplan Bar Review course, please contact us to update that information prior to shipping.

When will Full Access to my course begin?

You receive Early Access to the Foundation sessions and our Qbank upon purchase. You will receive your full syllabus access approximately 90 days prior to your Bar exam start date. 

How do I use the books I received as part of my course?

Included in your home study kit is a Getting Started Guide that explains how to use the materials shipped to you. In addition, your online syllabus has a Getting Started section that contains a video Orientation Guide, a detailed lecture "How to Study for the Bar Exam," and an FAQ document with details of how best to prepare for the Bar. 




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